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Stop Them Before They Get In!!

The most common entry point for Intruders is the front door. And the most common method of entry is to kick in the door. Most doors break open on the first or second kick, meaning an intruder can be in your house in as little as 10 seconds. The door and frame reinforcement we install makes kick-ins nearly impossible, thus protecting you and your home.

How It Works

When someone kicks a door in usually it's not the door that breaks, it's the frame. This happens because the frame is usually just a thin piece of wood. We reinforce the frame of the door with STEEL plates and secure them to the wall studs with 3" screws. That way any force applied to the door is transferred to the entire wall. So every time someone kicks the door it’s like they’re kicking the entire wall. It doesn’t take long to install (about 30 minutes per door) and you only have to do it once.

How Much Is It

It Starts at $125 per door, that includes the product and the install. There are no long term contracts or monthly payments. Once we install it, it is yours. If you would like us to secure your home call (804) 256-5025 or click the  link below to get your FREE Consultation today.

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See It In action

The Door Reinforcement we install is called Door Armor. It is the best you can have on your home Check out the video to see what it can handle.

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